Food lovers – Foodies – love to talk about food, or see great aesthetics of food. Choosing to blog about food means that you want to share your opinions about food with other people.

With different branches like – Food Photography, Recipes, Food/Restaurant Reviews, Food Travel, and Ethics – Food blogging encompasses all discussions around food. It is a medium for food lovers to meet and talk about their food ideas.

On UK.collected.reviews, users talk about the different types of food they have tried to cook as adults, and also give reviews about online stores they buy some of their food items from.

You are a food lover and want to talk about food with a larger audience, here are 5 tips to help you start a successful food blog.

1.      Know Your Passion

Before you start food blogging, you need to know what interests you. Are you only interested in the aesthetics of food? Or are you more interested in the process of getting food done, and helping find easy ways to do it? Knowing where your strength lies will determine how successful you are on your food blogging journey because it will require your time and sometimes, undivided attention. Also identifying your interest before starting your food blog will mean that you are authentic and your website contents are original.

2.      Get a Domain Name

Now that you know the aspect of food blogging to do, you have to get a domain name for your blog. You can choose one from a lot of platforms – WordPress, Substack, and – that allows bloggers to host their sites for free or for a token. Getting a domain name that is easy for people to remember is essential in determining the number of visitors to your blog, and in essence, its success.

3.      Be Accessible

Blogging – in this case, food blogging – will require you to be accessible to people. After reading content on your blog, or going through your food gallery, a visitor would want to ask questions, make suggestions or just give a compliment. It is necessary that your site allows comments, and you are available to respond to those comments as it relates to each content. This will give people a sense of familiarity with you and lead them to trust your opinions about food matters.

4.      Network with People

By engaging with visitors on your site, you are connecting with different people who might be from different parts of the world, and your shared love for a particular dish is what connects you. Building a network of food lovers through food blogging will not only lead to you having a successful blog, but it can also help you establish connections with people that will have positive impacts on your life.

5.      Submit/Sell Your Content

By being authentic as a food blogger, means you know your onion and can recommend recipes or methods of cooking. Your blog will record more success if you submit your content – recipe or food pictures – to large food websites either for free or for a price. You can also put your recipes in a book, and sell them to the community you have built from your blog.


Food Blogging is a way to share your opinions about food and help people find solutions to problems relating to food that they might have.