Peeping at Marijuana Recreation After Legalizing in California

If previously only used for medical purposes, cannabis in California is now legal for recreational needs. If you want the best cannabis for recreational needs, you can order it on Namaste.

Buddy’s Cannabis is the first store in California to open early in the year for marijuana lovers. After waiting seven years, Matt Lucero, owner of Buddy’s Cannabis was finally able to smile satisfied, because the local government through the applicable law has legalized marijuana for recreational needs.

“We are very happy with this. This is a dream come true, “Matt said as quoted from, Thursday (01/04/2017).

After marijuana is legalized, this shop can sell marijuana to anyone aged 21 years and over, including foreign tourists who come to California.

Minimizing the Dark Market

Buddy’s is one of 20 companies in America licensed by the Cannabis Control Bureau, an institution that oversees the retail, laboratory, and distributor of marijuana. The plan is that the agency will continue to license more marijuana distributor companies throughout 2018.

Matt Lucero himself said the legality of marijuana in the American state is a good effort to eliminate the black market for cannabis sales.

Buddy’s Cannabis shop located at 1075 N, 10th Street, San Jose, CA, 95112 itself sells a variety of marijuana products, ranging from chocolate, brownies, drinks, to liquid vape and marijuana ready for suction.

Marijuana Sales Increase

Opened every day from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, except Sunday which is only open until 05:00 a.m., the store has always been crowded with visitors.

New Frontier Data itself predicts, in the coming year’s cannabis sales in California will increase to USD 7 billion. This figure exceeds the number of cannabis sales throughout the United States in 2016 which only reached USD 6.6 billion. You must visit if you’re looking for the good quality of marijuana.